Uses of Faxes in Business

By Patrick Phelps

Updated September 26, 2017

There are still uses for fax machines
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Though the use of fax machines has steadily declined since the advent of email, there are still many reasons why a company would want a fax machine. From meeting communication demands to providing a quick copy or print, fax machines continue to hold a place in business operation.


Some companies rely on faxes to communicate with their vendors, suppliers, customers and contractors. Since fax technology is inexpensive compared with computer networks, many companies work with vendors or suppliers who only communicate via fax. When this is the case, a company must rely on fax machines to communicate with others.


As mentioned, several companies and home-based business operators may not have made the large investment in a computer network. They need to rely on the inexpensive fax machine to send and receive hard copy documents. An important example is a signature page, which often provides confirmation of acceptance.


Using fax machines to prospect is still an effective method for some companies. Whether it is a restaurant sending out daily specials to local businesses or an office-equipment dealer sending out exciting promotions, fax machines allow businesses another way to spread the word.

Printing And Copying

Though using a fax machine for printing and copying is not the most economical decision, fax machines can be used for both. For a fax to be used as a printer it must either be connected to a computer via a parallel cable or to a computer network via a CAT 5 cable. Most fax machines have a "Copy" mode, which scans in a hard copy and delivers a copy to the exit tray.