Canon Fax Machine Troubleshooting

By Kelly Bennett Seiler

Updated September 26, 2017

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Canon's fax machines are designed for medium to heavy applications. Depending on the model you select, they can transmit a page in 3 to 6 seconds and have a memory capacity of between 60 and 450 pages. They range in size and weight, with their heaviest machine weighing nearly 25 pounds and their lightest one weighing only 9 pounds. No matter which machine you select, though, you are likely to run into some issues. Try troubleshooting your fax machine on your own before calling customer service.

Printing Problems

If your Canon fax machine beeps while printing is occurring, you may need to clear out a paper jam. If nothing will print at all from your unit, make sure the unit is correctly plugged into a live power source. Check to make sure you removed the plastic seal from the ink cartridge and that you installed it correctly. Your owner's manual will have instructions on installation. If the printout is skewed in some way, check to make sure that the print media was loaded correctly in the multi-purpose tray and the paper delivery slot is clear of any obstruction. If your printout has vertical white streaks across it, you may need to redistribute the toner inside the cartridge. If this does not solve your problem, try replacing the toner cartridge.

Faxing Problems

If your Canon fax machine will not send a fax, check to make sure the machine is set for the correct phone line type. Ensure the document is loaded correctly and the speed dialing code you put in was registered correctly. See that you dialed the correct number and that the telephone line is working. If the other party's fax machine is out of paper, your document most likely cannot be sent. In addition, the other party's fax machine must be compatible with your fax machine. Your owner's manual will have information on compatible machines, as well as how to check for the other mentioned steps.

Receiving Problems

If your fax machine cannot receive faxes automatically, ensure you have set your machine to automatically receive them. In addition, the unit may already have a document stored in its memory and there is no more memory available. See if an error occurred during reception by checking the LCD screen for a message. You can also print an Activity Report, checking for an error code. If none of these are your problem, make sure the multi-purpose tray is not empty and that the phone line is connected properly.