Types of Fax Machines

By Jennifer Burdett

Updated September 26, 2017

When the Internet is down, a fax machine can do the job.
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Fax machines are still widely used by business all over the world. Despite being in the age of email and laser scanning machines, fax machines are still considered a quick way to get a copy of a document from one place to another within minutes. Types of fax machines vary to provide a variety of specifications to suit businesses of different sizes.

Inkjet Fax Machines

An inkjet fax machine works by creating a digital image on the fax paper, using inkjet compatible inks. Inkjet cartriges and Inkjet fax machines are manufactured by big companies such as Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, and Lexmark.

Canon FAX JX210 -- The Canon FAX JX210 machine has a 100 A4 paper sheet feeder with a 60-page memory. This fax machine works with both the land line connection and a USB to PC connector. In 2010, this fax machine comes in the color black and is available for just under $50.

Xerox IF6025 Office Fax Machine -- This small office fax machine has a 100 A4 paper sheet feeder with a 140-page memory. The IF6025 is programmed with four different ring tones and automatic call back. The color that the Xerox IF6025 is available in is white. It is available for $60.

Laser Fax Machines

Laser fax machines use static electricity as a form of glue. When a laser fax machine begins to print out a fax, the large dry ink rotatory releases the powdered ink which is attracted to the static electrical shapes on the fax paper, and leaves a copy of the digital image it has received. There are several types of laser fax machines available on the market.

Xerox Office Fax LF8040 -- This fax machine comes with a three year warranty and is capable of printing 16 fax pages per minute and has a 250-sheet paper tray with a 400-page memory. The color of the Xerox LF8040 is white and is available for around $150.

Canon i-SENSYS FAX-L3000 -- This fax machine would suit a large office, as it has a 1100-paper sheet capacity with a 512-page memory and can print a fax page every three seconds. As of 2010, this fax machine is available in white and costs over $2000.

Thermal Fax Machines

Thermal fax machines are considered the most inexpensive type of fax machine available on the market. The thermal type does not use ink cartridges but instead requires an ink ribbon. Heat is generated during an incoming fax transfer, and the ink is melted on to the paper. Thermal fax machines are available in the business supplies market.

Brother Fax-T104 -- This thermal fax machine has a 25-page memory and can hold up to ten sheets of paper at any one time. The Brother T104 is suitable for a small office and has an integrated telephone handset. In 2010, this fax machine is available in black and costs around $50.

Panasonic KX-FC255E -- This fax machine is a dual combo and doubles as a fax machine and copier. The KX-FC255E has the capacity to hold up to 20 sheets of paper and has a 28-page memory. This thermal fax machine comes with a separate telephone handset and is available in silver. The Panasonic KX-FC255E costs around $140, as of 2010.