How to Calibrate a Mettler Toledo Scale

by Dave WilsonUpdated September 26, 2017
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Mettler Toledo weigh scales are widely used in many different areas of business, government and health care and have a reputation for quality and accuracy in the weights and measures industry. Mettler Toledo weigh scales are calibrated at the factory prior to shipping, but they do require adjustment when installed because of gravitational differences. Calibrate a Mettler Toledo scale with the Geo Cal feature included with the scale.

Power down the weigh scale by unplugging the USB cable and/or serial cable (if applicable) and the power supply cable.

Remove and set aside the platter that sits on top of the scale. Remove the PC board cover. For models PS30, PS3L, PS60 and PS6L, the cover can be found behind the display and underneath the bracket that holds the platter. On model PS15, the cover is underneath the scale. On the PS90 model, the cover is under the metal connector and behind the display. Remove the bolts with a wrench to remove the cover.

Remove the blue jumper on the PC board and place it on a single prong so that it does not bridge the jumper connector. Place the cover back on the scale and position the platter back onto the scale. Plug the power cable back into the scale to power up the scale.

Press and hold the double-bent arrow key for eight seconds, until the word “Setup” appears on the display. Press the double opposing arrow key. Press the double-bent arrow key repeatedly until the word “End” appears on the display. Press the double opposing arrow key until the word “Save” appears on the display. Tap the double-bent arrow key. The scale will reset.

Tap the double opposing arrow until the Geo Cal number representing your location is displayed. Tap the double-bent arrow key once. When the word “Done” appears on the display, press the double-bent arrow key again and the scale will reset.

Remove the power cord from the scale. Remove the platter. Remove the PC board cover and return the blue jumper back to its original position on the jumper posts. Close the PC board cover and secure the cover with the bolts provided. Place the platter back onto the scale and power up the scale.


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