How to Replace A Damaged Screen On An Acer Aspire ONE Netbook

by Contributor

Replacing a damaged screen yourself can save you a few dollars. The process is a fairly simple one as long as you don't let yourself become overwhelmed at the thought of working on your own netbook.


Find a suitable area to do the work required. Give yourself plenty of space and light. Find a small container to place screws as you disassemble the unit.


Locate the small rubber plugs located around the circumference of the face of the screen case. Lift and remove the rubber plugs exposing the crew cavities.


Gently separate the screen casing halves, beginning at the edges. Don't try to go too far at once. Work your way around the screen case from the top down to the bottom. Then gently lean the front casing forward to disengage the hinge points at the bottom.


With the cover removed, locate four screws located near the four corners of the screen. Remove these screws and gently lift the screen forward. It is lightly glued along the cables in the back. Don't force or rip the screen apart. Just open it down and away from the body of the unit, similar to how a castle's drawbridge opens.


With the screws removed, you can now find the plug to the screen. The plug is very small and easily damaged. The plug may be taped to the screen. Cut the tape off instead of pulling it, as the plug appears to be very delicate. Remove the tape and pull lightly and steadily on the plug to release it. Don't rock or bend the plug.


Unpack your new screen carefully. Don't bend or crack it. Be sure to dispose of your old screen properly. Check your local area for disposal instructions.


Lay out the screen and reattach the plug and lay out the Web cam and mic wire along the back in a similar pattern as they were when you started. Replace a small piece of tape on the plug to hold it securely.


Set the screen back into the body and fasten the screws.


Replace the screen trim face. Place the bottom in first and re-attach the hinge points in a rocking motion. Then gently snap the cover back down into place from the bottom up both sides and to the top center. Be sure to have the Web cam and mic units in their proper locations. Don't force the cover into place.


Replace the perimeter screws and rubber plugs. Use a very small dot of contact cement on the plug on this unit. Restart your netbook.


  • check Take your time, never hurry the process.
  • check Never force anything. If it feels like it might break, it will.


  • close Handle the screens carefully as they are extremely delicate.
  • close Remove the battery before you start.
  • close Don't touch the contacts of the new screen. Static is an LCD screen's enemy.
  • close Touch metal or use an antistatic strap to remove static from your body before handling electronic parts, which can become damaged from static electricity.

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