How to Remove Comcast Phone Service From Triple Play

by Jean Sommer

Comcast's Triple Play is a trio of services provided in a package deal. The three services are cable television, high-speed Internet and digital voice. The purchase price of Triple Play is less expensive than if you purchased the three services separately. You can cancel any of the services at any time. You just continue to pay only for the remaining features.

Call Comcast customer service at 1-800-COMCAST or 1-800-266-2278. If prompted, verify your account information. At the main menu, press 3 for "Change or add to your services," and wait for a representative.

Tell the representative you wish to cancel the phone service portion of Triple Play. It will take a few minutes to configure your account with the new setup. Your representative will verify billing information and give you the updated billing amounts with your phone service removed.

Unplug your phone and computer from your rented modem for return. The rental for the telephony modem from Comcast is higher than its standard Internet modem.

Visit your local Comcast office and exchange your modem for the standard one. While not a requirement, the complex and more expensive modem isn't necessary when you are not using the phone service.


  • check If you wish to use your current phone number with a different company, establish service with them right before cancelling your Comcast phone service.

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