How to Reinstall IMAPI Service

by Mike Benson

The IMAPI service is used to deploy the disc-burning component and features in the Windows operating system. If the IMAPI service is damaged, you will not be able to copy data to writable discs. The executable for this service is located in the system directory and launches automatically when it is properly working. If you are not able to burn discs because of an IMAPI-related problem, you can repair the IMAPI executable using the System File Checker utility.


Close all open windows on your computer and insert the Windows installation disc into your DVD drive. Click "Cancel" on the "Install Windows" dialog.


Click "Start," and "All Programs." Open the "Accessories" folder and right-click "Command Prompt."


Click "Run as Administrator." Click the "Yes" button on the "User Account Control" screen. This runs the Windows Command Prompt with escalated permissions.


Type "Sfc /Scannow" and then press your "Enter" key. This runs the System File Checker. This tool automatically scans your system directory for damaged files. Once a damaged file is detected, the utility will replace the file with one from your Windows disc.


Restart your computer when the utility has notified you of its completion.

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