How to Get Real Free Samples

by braniac

Ever want to get free samples without having to sign up for something or pay shipping? I found a great website. Once on, they have samples listed on the first page and a link for samples to the left. Additionally, there are other real sample links to the right. Have fun.

Go to It is not necessary to sign up for emails, but the option is there. I received this link through I was not sure about it at first either, but I fouond many products that i wanted to sample. This is the link directly to the free samples page on the referenced website:

Start selecting the samples you want. There will be short forms for you to enter your mailing information. There are no charges or fees associated with it at all. The samples should arrive in 6-8 weeks.

If you decide to check out any of the other links, share the information, so that others can find great deals too.


  • check Remember my motto, if you have to pay, there's probably a catch, so beware.

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