How to Read Barcodes With a Webcam

by Palmer Owyoung

Ever tried to sell a lot of things on or and it took forever to enter the bar code of each item? Do you ever wish you could just use a bar code scanner the way they do at the supermarket? Finally it's possible to--with a webcam and a free piece of software called BC WebCam.

Download a copy of BC WebCam (see Resources). This piece of software will turn your webcam into a bar code reader. Double click on the software and follow the installation instructions.

Go to the Start menu and launch BC WebCam. Make sure that your camera is turned on. Go to a page like or where you want to sell your things. Place your mouse cursor in the box that asks for the bar code number.

Read the bar code. Place your camera in front of the bar code of the item that you are interested in selling. Make sure that the camera is in focus and that BC WebCam is turned on. After a couple of seconds the bar code data will be read and the number will automatically be placed in the bar code field.

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