How to Program a VTech 5.8 Digital Phone for an Outgoing Announcement

by Emily Fisher

The VTech 5.8 digital phone provides an integrated messaging feature. This tool allows you to receive voice messages without having to pay additional monthly voice-mail charges to a telephone company. In addition to the standard outgoing message, the VTech 5.8 allows you to record a personalized greeting for your callers. Programming your outgoing announcement on the VTech 5.8 digital phone is simple and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Investigate your surroundings. To ensure a high-quality outgoing announcement, it is best to be in a quiet room. Additionally, think about an appropriate outgoing message ahead of time.

Press the "ANNC" button located on the telephone base.

Select the "Record" key. You will hear a recording that says "Record after the tone. Press Stop when you are done." You will then hear a short beep.

Begin to speak into the microphone located at the lower front of the base.

Select the "Play/Stop" button after your recording is complete. You will receive a prompt to hear the announcement and review or re-record the greeting.

You will hear the auto playback of your recorded announcement, followed by a short beep.

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