How to Program an AT&T Cordless Phone

by Teresa Starr

An AT&T cordless telephone offers a variety of features such as caller ID, a "hold" button and digital programming. No matter what type of cordless AT&T phone you own, they can all be programmed the same way. This process can take some time but it's an easy task that almost anyone can complete in just a few simple steps. An AT&T telephone can be used with any home phone service carrier.

Plug the AT&T; cordless telephone into an electrical socket. Allow the phone to charge for at least 16 hours.

Press the "Menu" button. Press the "CIDV" key to bring up the "Language" option.

Press the "Select" key and then "CIDV" to scroll through the difference language options such as English and Spanish. Press the "Select" key again to choose your language and then to exit.

Press the "Menu" button and then press the "CIDV" key twice and then press "Select."

Set the time and date. Press the "CIDV" button and "^" to scroll through the numbers 1 (for January) and 12 (for December). Once you've chosen the correct month press the "Select" key. Repeat this step to select the hour, the minute and AM or PM.

Press "Select" to save the selections and to exit the programming menu.

Press the "Menu" button and then press the "DIR" button twice to open the ringer options.

Press the "CIDV" button to hear each ring tone sample (1-4). Press "Select" to choose the ringer sound of your choice.

Press the "Menu" button to begin programming the ring tone for the phone.

Press the "CIDV" button to display either the "Tone" or "Pulse" option. Press "Select" to make your choice.

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