How to Program Allworx Auto Attendant

by Joanne Cichetti

Allworx Auto Attendant is a useful tool that automatically answers your calls and helps direct callers to the right department or person. The system eliminates the need for an additional person, the operator, in the office. Callers listen to a list of different services available, and select the ones they need. Set up Auto Attendant to manage your calls.

Open Auto Attendant program on the computer by clicking, for example, "Start," "All Programs," "Auto Attendant." Click "Phone System" and "Auto Attendants." The nine Auto Attendants are numbered "431" to "439." The list of Attendants will show the prompts, features and operator extensions for each.

Click "Modify" for setting up an Auto Attendant.

Click "Prompts" to specify a message from the Auto Attendant to give instructions to caller on what to do. Instructions include "Press #1 to dial by name," "If you know your party's extension, you may dial it now" and "Press 9, or hang up to end your call."

Click "Features" to specify a task that the Auto Attendant will perform when the caller dials a sequence. For instance, the caller will be transferred to the list of speed dial numbers when a number between "350" and "399" is dialed.

Click "Operator Extension," a number that will be dialed if the caller dials "0" during the Auto Attendant announcement.

Click "Update." You may then call each Auto Attendant for checking prompts and features. If required, make necessary changes on the software.

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