Printers Compatible With Windows 8

by Carol Finch

If you've recently upgraded to Windows 8 or are thinking about upgrading, you should check the compatibility of your printer. You can do this a couple of ways: use Microsoft's Windows Compatibility Center or search for information on the manufacturer's website. If you're lucky, your printer is already compatible with the operating system, although you may need to update its drivers. If your printer doesn't work with Windows 8 and your manufacturer isn't supporting an upgrade, you may have to buy a new model.

Use the Windows Compatibility Center

The Windows Compatibility Center checks if devices work with Windows 8 or Windows RT 8.1. To check your printer, search on its product name. If your model is compatible, the result shows a green tick and the words "compatible" or "limited functionality." Typically, "limited functionality" means that you need to install drivers to upgrade the printer. Click on the result and then on "Free download required" to go to your manufacturer's site to upgrade. If you see a red cross and the words "not compatible," your printer is not likely to work with Windows 8, but it may be worth double-checking with the manufacturer in case it has recently released a fix.

Check for Windows 8 Driver Updates

Printer manufacturers typically have information on Windows 8 compatibility on their websites. Sometimes, they provide a list of supported printers and links to updates, if needed; other times you may need to search for your model to see if the manufacturer has a suitable driver update. If it does, you can download the drivers so that your printer works on Windows 8. Typically, you'll find driver updates in the support section of manufacturer websites by searching for your model.

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