How to Post Music on Rhapsody

by Vince Sparlow

The Rhapsody online music service introduces new music to hundreds of thousands of listeners every day. While Rhapsody won't work directly with independent musicians and bands, it is possible for small labels and independent bands to distribute their music through if they're part of a music aggregation service like CDBaby, the Internet Online Distribution Agency, or The Orchard. As of 2010, those companies did make music available through Rhapsody.

Establish an account and contract with a music aggregation service. Most aggregation services let independent artists create accounts for free but charge fees for every album you want to distribute. As of September, 2010, music aggregation services charged between $35 to $50 per album.

Submit high quality electronic files of your music to the service. The music aggregation service will convert the files into the format required by Rhapsody and register the music in Rhapsody's directory. The music aggregation services will also submit your music to many other online music services such as Pandora and iTunes.

Market your music by advertising. It is up to you to let people know your music is available on Rhapsody. The music aggregation service is only making the music available, but is not obliged to promote your music in any way. The Rhapsody Media Kit describes all the promotional services it offers to labels and independent musicians.

Verify that your music has been distributed correctly. Contact Rhapsody directly to verify that your music has actually been shared with them. Also ask the music aggregation service you use how they verify sales and payments they owe you.

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