How to Place Conference Calls with Mitel

by Darryl Brooks

Conference calling with a Mitel telephone is a straightforward process. Like many functions with these phones, it uses what they call a feature code. Depending on your phone setup, this feature code may be programmed into a button and labeled Conference. If not, you will need to know the feature code for this function, which is 5.

If you don't have a Mitel user guide, get one from your telephone administrator or contact a Mitel rep. These are invaluable to operating the many functions available on these telephones.

Locate the conference button on your phone. If you don't have one, locate the feature key which looks like an infinity symbol. Place a call to the first person you want to conference as you normally would. It doesn't matter whether this is an internal extension or an external number.

Press the conference button. If you don't have one press the feature key followed by a 5. This will place the first caller on hold.

Place a call to the second person you want to conference. Press the conference button or feature code combination to place the second caller on hold. Repeat these steps as often as needed to get all callers on the conference call.

Press the conference button or feature code combination a final time to join all parties on the call.


  • check There is a list of all Mitel feature codes in the back of the manual.
  • check In the front of the manual is a tear out card with all of the most used features of the phone and how to use them. Keep this near your phone for ready reference.
  • check You can place all parties on hold by using the hold button as you would for any other phone call.
  • check If you need to drop out of the call, but want the rest of the parties to remain in conference, press the conference button or feature key combination while on the call.
  • check If you don't have a conference button and use this feature often, ask your telephone administrator to program one for you.


  • close There is a maximum of four people including you that can be on a conference call at once.

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