How to Order On-Demand Movies

by Contributor

Ordering on-demand movies via your cable box is a quick and painless way to enjoy all the latest movies and your favorite sporting events.

Turn on your television and tune to the channel that will televise the event you want to see. You will see a menu of options automatically displayed on the screen. It will look something like: "A. Buy. B. See my Account/More Information. C. Cancel."

Choose the correct selection. On many remotes, A is red, B is blue and C is yellow. If you want to buy the event listed, then press the red A on your remote. If not, press the yellow C to cancel.

Select "Yes" when prompted as to whether you really want to order the show. You will then be asked to input your four-digit PIN into the slots provided on-screen. This is to prevent unauthorized purchases. The standard PIN is four zeros when you install your system.

Double-check your purchase after you receive purchase confirmation. The screen will say, "Thank you for your order." Now press the blue B and make certain your order appears in the system. It may take a few minutes to appear. If it does not appear, retry ordering or call your cable company for assistance.


  • check The phone number for your cable company should be listed on the screen when you hit the blue B button.

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