How to Operate a Swann DVR4 1000

by Shelby Winchell

The Swann DVR4 1000 is a video monitoring recorder that allows you to record up to four different surveillance cameras at the same time. You can connect the Swann DVR4 1000 to your computer and back up the video data. It can also be programmed to record video footage when you deem it necessary. This recording system can be used either at home or at a business. Make sure the DVR4 is turned on before attempting to program or operate the device.

Recording and Playback

Press the "Record/Stop" button. The display will read "Each Rec," indicating the DVR is recording. At least one camera must be connected to the DVR4 1000 before it can begin recording.

Press the "Record/Stop" button again to stop recording.

Press the "Play/Pause" button to play the video recorded back. Pressing the same button again will pause the playback.

Press the "Fast Forward" button to play the video back at a faster speed. The more times you press the button, the faster the video will play. Options include 2x, 4x, and 8x playback. Pressing the "Fast Forward" button three times will play the video back at 8x the normal speed.

Press the "Rewind" button to rewind the video. You can watch the video in reverse as it rewinds.

Press the "Record/Stop" button again to stop playing the video and return the video to the live camera.

View Recording List

Press the "Menu" button. A list of all the recordings will appear on the monitor the DVR4 1000 is connected to. The newest recordings will be listed first.

Press either the "Up" or "Down" arrows to navigate through the different recordings. Highlight the recording you want to watch.

Press the "Play/Pause" button to watch the recording.

Press the "Record/Stop" button to exit playback mode and return to the live camera view.

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