How to Obtain a Nike Account

by Irene A. Blake

Nike, Inc. offers Nike gear fans and sports enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy special privileges and benefits as members. These privileges include exclusive sneak-peak review access of new and exclusive collections and/or gear, free returns on products purchased through and creation and storage of personalized designs for gear as an individual or team through NIKEiD. Nike has made obtaining a Nike account extremely easy--set up taking only approximately three to ten minutes depending on the level of profile information your provide after the initial registration.

Click the "Register at" link in the Resources section to open the Nike's profile registration page.

Input your email address, chosen screen name, password, date-of-birth, country, forgotten password question and security answer. Sign-up for or opt out of receiving a newsletter. If you sign-up for the newsletter, enter your ZIP code, select your gender and then click the "SUBMIT" button. If you opted out, simply click the SUBMIT button to register.

Review the next web page that opens. With a successful registration, the following message should appear: "Welcome to Nike You have successfully opened a Nike account. We will send you a confirmation to your email address."

Click the "Continue" button to go to the home page or click the "Complete Your Profile" to access your account profile. In addition, Nike sends a link to your account in the confirmation email.

Select the "Shop" button on the home page, to access the Nike catalog or use the "NIKEiD" button to access the NIKEiD web page. Click the "myLOCKER" or "teamLOCKER" links at the top of the page to create custom designs for Nike individual or team gear and store for future access or purchase. If you want to access a particular Nike website while logged in, click the "Sites" button and select the desired site from the drop down menu.

Complete your profile, if on the profile page, by filling in "Personal Info" such as your real name and mobile number. Click the "Address Book" tab to add shipping, billing and/or home address information. To add an avatar image to your profile, click the caption (camera icon with the word "Upload") beneath the generic image in place.


  • check Include your home address on your profile to receive postal mail communications from Nike including your Nike product catalog.


  • close Always include a shipping contact and/or daytime phone number and billing contact phone number if different then your home phone number in case of shipment delays that require a Nike sales agent to call you with an updated delivery time frame.
  • close Always make certain that the billing address provided in your profile matches the address on file with your bank or credit card company.

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