How to Find My Mobile Phone

by Angelique de la Morreaux

A communication device, the mobile phone became the lifeblood of most and the portable office of many. These devices contain contact information for family, friends and business acquaintances. No longer do you memorize a person's number, but you store it in your mobile phone. The problem is these devices are small enough to fit into your pocket or a purse, which means they sometimes slip out and become lost or misplaced. Finding your mobile phone then becomes a priority because so much information is stored on your phone.

Empty your purse of all items. Look in the siding of the purse and any zipper compartments. Turn the purse upside down to look for your phone.

Check your clothes. Pat down your jean pockets and put your hands into your coat pocket. Check your hat and scarf and any other clothes you were wearing. Look in your dirty clothes pile.

Examine your car. Run your hands inside the seat cushions. Slide your hands underneath the seats and check the floor for your phone.

Pull off the seat cushions of your sofa and chairs. Slip you hands under the seats. Lift the sofa and chair to see if the phone has fallen to the floor.

Pick up the land line or borrow someone's phone. Dial your number. Walk around the house as you listen for your phone to ring. Pick it up once you find it.


  • check Put the phone in the same place each night after use so you know where it is located.

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