How to Make a Slideshow in Quicktime

by Joshua Duvauchelle

Quicktime is a video playback and editing software program developed and released by Apple, Inc. A computer slideshow is a sequence of digital images or graphics displayed in a row. Apple's Quicktime software allows individuals to make such a photo slideshow from within the program.


Create a new folder on your desktop. Right-click the desktop and select "New" and then "New Folder," or simply "New Folder." The exact sequence varies depending on the operating system you use and its specific version.


Drag all of the photos or images that you plan to use for the slideshow into the new folder you created. Rename each image so that the file names are in the numerical order that you want them displayed in the Quicktime slideshow (e.g., 12.gif, 13.gif, 14.gif, etc.).


Launch Quicktime Pro. Double-click its icon in the Applications folder (on a Mac) or select its name from within the Start menu (on a Windows PC).


Click "File" in the top menu bar of the Quicktime screen. Select "Open Image Sequence" from the drop-down menu. An options window will display on the screen.


Navigate to the folder of images that you created in step 1 and 2. Highlight the images and press "Open." A new options window will display.


Choose how long you want every picture to be displayed in the slideshow. When you are done, press "OK." Then, press "Save" to generate the slideshow. Quicktime Pro will create a movie clip that will show every image in the folder you created.


  • check Use a graphics editing program such as Apple's iPhoto or Microsoft Photo Editor to change the size of each individual photo so that all the images are the same pixel height and length.

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