How to Make Movies With QuickTime

by LaTasha Favors

Spending time with family and friends can be some of the most priceless moments in our lives. Capturing those moments create memories that will last for generations to come and enables you to savor and share them with others. Follow the steps below and make your own movie with QuickTime.

How to Make Movies With QuickTime

Choose the pictures, slideshow, or album you want to include in your movie.

Select "File" then "Export"

Based on the option you chose in Step 1, you will do one of the following. a) If you chose "Slideshow" - Name your movie, Save it to a file that is easily accessible, Determine the size, then click "Export." b) If you chose "Individual Photos", or an "Album" - at the top you will see "Export Photos"; from there select the "QuickTime" button, then proceed to the following steps.

Enhance your movie by changing a few options and adding a personal touch. Determining the dimensions of your movie and set the image quality. Add your own special touch by selecting a background color for your movie, simply by clicking the "Color" button. Preview your color by clicking the "Preview" option, then "Select." Adding music to your movie can help bring your photos to life. Follow the steps below to add music: a) Select the music want to use by clicking "Open File" (you will find this on the "File" menu). Then from the "Edit" menu, choose "Select All." Next, from the "Edit" menu, select "Copy" (this copies the complete song). From the "Edit" menu, choose "Add to Movie" From the "File" menu click "Save As", enter the name of your movie, then save.

Click "Export"

Name for your movie and choose where you want to save it.

Click "Save" to save your movie


  • check Open it from within QuickTime Player or any other application that supports QuickTime.
  • check Make sure the music for your movie last throughout it's duration (make sure it isn't too long or too short).
  • check For each picture, remember to set the "Display Duration" (how long you want that photo to stay on the screen).

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