How to Make International Calls Using NET10

by Mandy Slake

Net10 is a prepaid long-distance cellular carrier. One of the services that they offer is the ability to call other countries. There are two choices: International Long Distance and International Neighbors. International Neighbors covers international calls to Canada or Mexico. You can select up to three numbers, and it will not charge you for airtime. If you have more than three numbers, the other numbers will charge you normal airtime. International Long Distance allows you to call over 60 countries, but always costs normal airtime plus $0.05 per minute.

Register for the Net10 International Long Distance or International Neighbors feature on the Net10 website. You can find the link under Resources.

Dial the "*" key, then press "1" and hit the "Send" or "Answer" key to call numbers in countries other than Mexico and Canada. You do not need to dial any extra numbers or access codes when dialing Mexican or Canadian numbers.

Dial "011" and then the country code, the city code and the number you wish to dial.

Wait for the call to connect.


  • check There are no extra charges for receiving calls from other countries.
  • check If you call internationally while roaming, you will be charged roaming fees, even if you are calling numbers on your International Neighbors list.


  • close Don't press any other keys after dialing the phone number before the call is connected. It might not go through.