How to Make an HDTV Indoor Antenna

by Randall Shatto

Digital and HD channels are available "over the air." This means that if you do not have cable or satellite in your home, you can still watch local channels. However, you will need to make an HDTV indoor antenna or purchase one. If you do not have the funds to pay for costly cable channels, you can still watch your favorite programs or newscasts. Antennas can be an expensive purchase. However, you can make one to obtain all of the available channels in your area.

Screw the coaxial cable into the back of the HDTV. The coaxial metal piece inserts into a metal knob on the television. Screw it in securely.

Grab a piece of foil roughly 12 inches in length. Fold the length until you have a long, thin piece of foil. Use a rolling pin or aluminum can to flatten the foil.

Push one end of the piece of foil onto the thin metal wire extruding from the coaxial cable. The foil should fit snugly against the coaxial wire to ensure that it boosts the signal sufficiently.

Use clear packing tape to secure the foil. Wrap the tape around the edge of the coaxial cable to tighten the foil against the cable. Use enough tape so that the foil does not fall out of the cable.

Turn on the HDTV. Change channels while you move the antenna. This will help you locate a clear picture.

Tape the cable to the wall, bookcase or ceiling. Once you find the clearest picture possible on all channels, secure the indoor antenna. Tape the cable, but let the foil piece hang loose.

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