How to Make a DVD Cover

by Contributor

The DVD that took hours to compile and edit needs the appropriate cover to add the final finishing touch to the production. Like the video and audio software you used, DVD cover software makes this an easy process.

Choose a title for the DVD. You want to select a creative title like "The Splendid Years" rather than something dull like "Home Videos."

Download or install the DVD cover making software. There are some great free software programs that you can download and use to make the DVD cover (See Resources).

Obtain the paper on which to print the DVD cover. The standard size of a DVD is 7 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches. You can buy paper specifically for DVD covers which looks more professional, but is more expensive.

Locate and insert some pictures related to the DVD to use on the cover. For instance, if this DVD is of your family, then find a family picture to use for the cover. Consider using the screen capture feature of your DVD editing software to snag a favorite image right out of the video.

Insert a title and credit list for the back of the DVD cover with the cover software. Write up a description and make up some quotes from "reviewers." The credit list and description make your cover look more authentic and professional.

Put the paper in the printer and complete the DVD cover. Once completed, let the cover dry and then insert it inside the DVD case.

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