MacBook Pro Tips and Tricks

by Joshua Laud

Apple's Mac OS X operating system has plenty of shortcuts, tricks and tips built in to keep you entertained and to speed up your work flow. Most tasks you want to do can be sped up with shortcuts or quick tricks. Apple has also introduced some tricks just for fun, such as their screen inversion.

Scroll with your Trackpad

Place two fingers on the trackpad and move them up or down together to scroll up or down, as you would with a mouse wheel.

Zooming In to Mac OS X

Hold down "Ctrl," press two fingers to the trackpad and move them up to zoom in to the screen, or down to zoom out.

Screenshot Capturing

Hold down "Command," "Shift" and press "3" on your keyboard to capture a screenshot of the whole screen (it will save to your desktop.) Hold down "Command," "Shift," and press "4" on your keyboard to change your mouse pointer into crosshairs. Click and drag a box, to capture a screenshot of that portion of the screen.

Make Stickies Translucent

If you use the Stickies application to add notes to your desktop, you might want to make them semi-transparent so that you can still see your applications. Click your sticky, and hold "Command," "Option" then press "T" to make it translucent, press the sequence again to make it opaque.

Screen Inversion

Hold down "Command", "Ctrl," "Alt" and press "8" to invert all the colors of the screen. Just key the sequence again if you want to change back.

Quick Print a Document

Right-click a document and click "Print" to print it without opening it, or dragging it to your printer application window.

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