How to Locate a Lost Smartphone

by Carl Carabelli

Losing a phone is problematic. Losing a smartphone can be exponentially more devastating, due both to its value and the amount of information potentially stored in it. If you do happen to lose your smartphone, there are several steps you can take in order to locate it. Some involve tried and true methods of searching for a lost item, while others take advantage of the very technology that makes your smartphone so valuable.

Retrace your steps. Think about the last place you know for a fact you had your smartphone and re-visit all the places in between. The less distance you have covered since you last had it, the easier it will be to locate the phone.

Call your smartphone using another cellular or cordless phone. The ring or vibration will be a dead giveaway as to its position. Follow the ringing as it gets louder to bring you closer to the phone's location.

Use a smartphone tracking application. These free apps must, of course, be downloaded while the phone is in your possession. Once installed, you will be given a special message (i.e. "Where are you?") to send to the smartphone in case it is lost or stolen. Send the message and your phone will activate and send a message back to you with its coordinates based off of an Internet map (Google, Yahoo!, WindowsLive, etc.).

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