How to Live Without a Landline Phone

by Contributor

Are you considering abandoning your landline phone and going totally wireless? If so, it's becoming easier to do it. For many people, it just makes economic sense to simplify their lives by going wireless. Follow these steps to live without a landline.

Consider your lifestyle before making the change. If you are a busy professional who travels frequently, you are never at home anyway; so it makes perfect sense to cut the landline. You carry your mobile phone wherever you go, and you do not need to pay two phone bills.

Assess your Internet issues. If you rely on your landline for Internet use, you can easily dump it by signing up for Internet service through your cable or satellite dish provider.

Evaluate the amount of time you spend on a daily basis on your landline. If you use the landline more than two hours a day, then you probably need to keep it. If you think you can cut down on the amount of time spent on it, then you can clip it.

Make sure you have a good cellular calling plan. Going totally wireless is fine as long as you have an excellent plan and top-drawer coverage. If your plan is less than stellar, you will want to research better ones before trying to live without a landline.

Take the plunge and become part of a growing number who are living wirelessly. Students, empty-nesters, urban professionals and many others are living without a landline phone because it fits their lifestyles. Making this change can be a savvy way to cut costs and eliminate waste in your phone bills.