How to Learn Cell Phone Repair

by Stephen A. Powell

Cell phone handsets are a popular means of communication worldwide. Like any other form of hardware, cell phones inevitably require repair service. Learning cell phone repair can result in career opportunities with telecommunications companies and independent contractors. You could also start a cell phone repair business of your own.

Computer repair program.

Enroll in a two-year or four-year computer repair technician program at a college or university. Computer repair technician programs teach hardware repair principles that can be easily applied to cell phones.


Enroll in a technical or vocational school with a cell phone repair program. If your school of choice does not have a cell phone repair program, inquire about the computer repair technician or general repair technician program. These courses may even have sections covering cell phone repair.


Sign up for a correspondence course in cell phone repair. Use any accompanying instructional DVDs and textbooks provided for easy reference as you practice repair on broken, disabled or model cell phones.

Try to work with a telecommunications company.

Apply for a customer service position with a major wireless telecommunications provider. If you get hired, the telecommunications company may train you to perform on-site cell phone repairs.

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