Kid Pix Tutorial

by Jennifer Claerr

Kid Pix is an image editing program designed especially for children. The basic Kid Pix program is a full-featured image editor. Kid Pix Deluxe packs even more features into a versatile and intuitive interface. Both programs use sound and video to enhance kids' experience of creating art.

Kid Pix Basic

You can create impressive art using the basic version of Kid Pix. Use the "File" menu to create a new picture, open or import a picture or save a picture. You can also access printer setup from the file menu. Use the tools in the toolbar to create art. Tools include pencil, line, paintbrush, fill, text and shape tools. Use the "Edit" menu to undo mistakes or cut, copy, paste or clear a selection. From the "Toolbox" menu, you can edit stamps, change the alphabet for the text tools, turn sounds on or off and switch to Spanish mode. From the "Goodies" menu you can switch to small kids mode, pick a stamp set, a coloring book page or record a sound.

Kid Pix Deluxe

Using Kid Pix Deluxe is a multimedia experience. The software uses QuickTime movies and sounds to make image editing more interesting. Create a new image in Kid Pix Deluxe by clicking the icon that looks like a sheet of paper. Click the "Background" tool which looks like a landscape, and drag the desired background image to the work area. The button which looks like a standing dog is the "Sticker" tool. Use this to add stickers such as animals, flags, food and plants to your image. Select the button with the jumping dog to add animations to your picture. Click the button with the horn and musical note to add sounds to your image. Select the "Pencil" button to choose from pencil, chalk, crayon and marker. Choose the "Paint Brush" button to select a paint brush, sound art tool or spray can. Select the "Fill Bucket" tool to fill an entire area with a color or pattern. Select the color using the "Color Picker" in the lower left hand side of the screen. Choose the "Electric Mixer" button to make wild designs using the images you've created. Select the "Rubber Stamp" button to create designs such as signs, buses, trees and trains in your picture. Click the button with a "T" to create text on your image, then click the "Mouth" button to have Kid Pix say the text out loud. If you make a mistake, click the face icon or "Undo Guy" to undo your last action. To erase the entire screen, click the dynamite icon. Move your mouse to the top of the screen and the menu will appear. If you have problems with Kid Pix Deluxe at any time, you can click the "Question Mark" button to get help.

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