How to Install a Zebra 2844 Network Printer

by Daniel Barrows

The Zebra 2844 network printer is a device used for printing labels via a thermal transfer process. The Zebra 2844 is capable of generating monochrome labels at a rate of four inches per second, and may be connected to your computer via a USB, parallel or serial cable. If desired, you may also integrate your Zebra 2844 into your home network for added convenience. The procedure for installing a Zebra 2844 network printer is a simple one, easily accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Connect the power cord to the power supply unit. Plug the power cord into an available electrical outlet. Plug the power supply unit into the printer (the connector is located on the back of the printer, near the bottom left edge).

Locate the cover release latches on both sides of the printer, near the front end. Pull the latches toward you and open the printer cover.

Prepare your media roll by removing the uppermost layer. Locate the media hangers inside the printer. Separate the media hangers and insert your media roll. Allow the media hangers to close and confirm that the media roll is properly seated.

Locate the media guide adjuster knob and turn it away from you until the media guides open. Feed one end of your media roll through the media guides. Close the media guides by turning the adjuster knob toward you. Close the printer cover.

Connect one end of your USB, parallel or serial cable to the corresponding port on the rear of the printer; connect the remaining end to your computer. Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the corresponding port on the rear of the printer. Connect the remaining end to any available Ethernet port in a network device such as a router or hub.

Turn on your printer and computer. Insert the installation CD that came with your printer and run the installer application. Follow the onscreen instructions.


  • check If you no longer have the installation CD that came with your printer, you can download an installer from the manufacturer's website (see Resources below). You may be asked to enter your email address prior to downloading. You can purchase accessories and replacement parts for your Zebra 2844 directly from the manufacturer's website.


  • close Do not attempt to use a power supply other than the one designed for use with your Zebra 2844 printer.

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