How to Install Windows Media Player Visualizations

by John Smith

Windows Media Player comes packaged with your Windows operating system. This Microsoft program controls your computer media such as photos, music and video. While playing some media files with the player, you can add background visualizations. These are visual extras that move to the rhythm of the song being played. You can choose from an already installed library of options or you can download and install more visualizations from the Internet.


Run one of the already installed visualizations by right-clicking on the Windows Media Player's "Now Playing" screen. Choose an option from the list such as "Alchemy," "Bars and Waves" or "Battery."


Download and install more visualizations by right-clicking on the main menu bar.


Click "Tools," then "Download" and select "visualizations." You will be taken to the online download page.


Download any visualization you want from the online list by clicking the "download" button next to each one. Some are free. You'll have to pay for others.


Click the "Download" button on the following page if you are taken to the visualization author's webpage.


Save the .exe install file to your desktop and double-click on it to start the install. You may need to agree to "Run" the file.


Go to the "Now Playing" tab in your media player. Right-click on the page and you should see the new visualization.

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