How to Install a Home Security System Adapter for Cell Phones

by Virginia Franco

Now there's a way to be sure your home is safe while you're away. By installing this home security system adapter into your system, your cell phone will be contacted to notify you should your alarm go off while you're away from home. You will also have peace of mind knowing thieves won't be able to avoid circumvention by cutting your phone lines.

How To Set Up Your Adapter


Contact the security company and request that your system be placed in "Test Mode."


Find a location near your security system wall box, but away from any electronic device that may cause signal interference.


Thread antenna base collar ring into the anenna, rotating the ring manually until it is tight to the touch.


Point the antenna straight up.


Insert the AC power supply connector into the port on the adapter


Plug the AC Power Supply into a wall outlet.


Verify signal strength by looking at the bars or lights that are lit up on the adapter.

How To Connect Adapter to Your Home Security System


Insert one end of the phone cord in the phone jack of your home security system's wall unit.


Connect the other end to the jack labeled "To wall" on your home security system.


Disconnect phone cords from ports that make reference to other phones.


Contact the security company and request that your system be removed from "Test Mode."

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