How to Install RecordNow for Free

by Meaghan Ellis

RecordNOW is a media application, used for audio computing. Sonic RecordNOW makes high-quality music playback, audio ripping, syncing and conversions possible. RecordNOW can also be used for CD and DVD creation, enabling music and video files to be burned for playback on other electronic devices. While Sonic RecordNOW has highly positive consumer reviews and software ratings, users often find it beneficial to use the free version of the software before actually purchasing it. Sonic RecordNOW can be installed for free by accessing a third-party software/freeware site. The overall RecordNOW installation is simple to perform.


Open an Internet browser on the computer.


Access a third-party software/freeware website in your browser (see Resources). The websites have links to direct Sonic RecordNOW software downloads.


Click the “Download Now” or “Click to Download” link. The Sonic RecordNOW's executable file will open in a pop-up window.


Examine the Sonic Software Agreement and click “I Agree” to proceed with the RecordNOW software installation.


Click “Next” on the following screen and select the recommended Sonic installation type. Click “Next” again to keep the default file folder location provided by your operating system and to begin copying and installing the Sonic files and software to the computer.


Click “Finish” to wrap up the Sonic RecordNOW installation.

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