How to Install Inferno OS

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Inferno OS is one of those operating systems that no one knows about, but everyone wishes for. It is a powerful, efficient and stable OS that is free to use. It also includes its own development kit, making it possible for even casual users to customize how Inferno looks and behaves in their systems.

Go to the Vita Nuova website (see Resources below).

Click the "Downloads" link.

Click the "Inferno Fourth Edition primary distribution" link. This will send you to the download and installation page.

Download the file "cdinstall.iso.gz" from the Downloads page. Set the file to save to a location that you can easily find. The desktop is often best.

Unzip the ISO file.

Burn the ISO file to an optical disk, such as a CD or DVD. Do not burn it as a file. Instead, burn it as a complete disk.

Set the disk that you burned the ISO to on "Auto-Run" or simply double-click the disk from your main root menu.

Double-click the "setup.exe" file contained in the ISO to install it.

Follow the onscreen prompts as they appear during installation. You will be required, for example, to choose the Inferno OS root directory, as well as decide whether you wish to use it as a partition OS or have it hosted within your current operating system.

Configure Inferno OS once it has been installed. Configuring the Inferno OS will include installing drivers and performing compatibility checks on your system's hardware. Since Inferno can be hosted by other operating systems, it is much easier to get your hardware running by simply using the original OS to piggyback your components.


  • check Keep a second partition on your hard drive available for use with a more commercial OS like Windows or Linux. This is useful in situations when one operating system or another fails.
  • check Note that the Inferno OS can actually run within another operating system (which would serve as the host).


  • close Be aware that the license for Inferno OS is divided into two parts: one free and one commercial. Some features in the free version of the OS are not enabled until you pay for an upgrade to commercial Inferno. Explore Inferno to determine which version you'd prefer to install.

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