How a Google Android Tablet Works

by Luke Arthur

To compete against the iPad, many tablets run by the Google Android operating system have recently hit the market. If you are considering purchasing one of these devices, it is important to have a basic understanding of how they work first. Android tablets have a number of features that may be attractive depending on your needs.

Internet Access

With an Android tablet, you have two different options when it comes to accessing the Internet. To use most of the features that are available on the Android tablet, you need access to the Internet via either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Not all Android tablets have this capability. You will have to buy a data plan through a cellular carrier such as AT&T; or Verizon.


With an Android tablet, you can increase its innate functionality by downloading applications. Just like with an Android smartphone, you have the option of downloading applications from the Android Market. You will notice an Android Market application on the phone that can be opened by tapping it. After you're in the market, you can download many free applications and some for a nominal fee. Available applications include the functionality of the tablet by providing games, utilities and other services.


Navigating through an Android tablet is relatively simple and user-friendly. With the Android operating system, you simply use your finger to navigate. To navigate through the pages on the screen, just swipe your finger across. To select something on the screen, you tap it with the pad of your finger. The Android operating system also allows you to use a number of finger gestures while operating the device to increase the functionality and even create your own gestures within certain programs.


Many Android tablets are designed to be able to display multimedia content in an attractive display. They are conducive to watching videos and movies on while on the go. You have the option of downloading videos directly to your device from the Internet or transferring them from your computer to the tablet. You can also download music or stream it directly to your Android tablet. To stream movies and music, you will need an Internet connection, preferably a strong, fast Wi-Fi connection.

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