How to Get Free Blu-Ray Movies

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Get free Blu-Ray movies. Rest assure, there are valid and trustworthy ways to obtain free movies. Whoever said, "you can't get something for nothing" was right. Free merchandise does exist; however, some type of purchase is usually required first or soon after a free product offer. Read on to learn more.

Research the available offers to obtain anywhere from 1 to 10 free Blu-Ray discs at a time. Most offers require the pre-purchase of a qualifying Blu-Ray player or movie. Free offers are available through manufacturers, retail stores and online.

Purchase either the required qualifying Blu-Ray player or disc and save the store receipt.

Follow the free offer instructions which typically include sending in an original store receipt for the qualifying purchase. Locate the UPC symbol or proof of purchase from the product's packaging along with a completed offer form.

Choose the free Blu-Ray movies from a selected grouping. Mail in the store receipt and proof of purchase along with completed forms for free offer.


  • check Be sure to read the fine print and expiration date on any free Blu-Ray movie offer.
  • check It may be possible to combine multiple free Blu-Ray movie offers.

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