How to Fix My Windows Media Player-Burner

by Nina Nixon

Typically, Windows Media Player burner problems occur because of a missing updates or incorrect device settings. For example, it is not uncommon for the wrong burning speed to be set or the hardware to be unrecognizable by the computer. Sometimes a misinterpretation of an error message will lead to an incorrect fix. Other times the player does not record what you thought would be recorded. To quickly resolve CD/DVD burning issues, take a more direct approach: Access the area or portal where you can quickly get the answers you need instead of attempting to solve the problem all alone.

Open Windows Media Player and click "Burn."

Select "Help With Burning" and go to the right window pane and find the section title "Burn a CD in Windows Media Player."

Scroll down until you reach the bottom of the text and click the "Troubleshooting Problems" link.

Select the question pertaining to your issue by clicking on its expansion node (plus sign symbol).


  • check Upgrade to the latest Windows Media Player. If you have Windows software, it's usually free and part of the package after you sign appropriate license agreements.

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