What Is the File Extension JP?

by Jared Beck

Several file extensions begin with letters "JP," and all of them deal with image files on the computer. One extension deals solely with Japanese images, while the remainder cover universal image files.


File extensions "JPC" deals with Japanese images: JPC represents a Japanese bitmap picture format. Bitmap pictures are uncompressed files, which means their file size is large and they take up lots of memory space per image. JPC files are limited to Japan.


The "JPN" file extension refers specifically to image files created using Photomodeler software. Photomodeler is a program used by engineers and architects to provide accurate measurements and lifelike three-dimensional modeling.


All of these file extensions are variations of the same "JPEG" image format, created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) in 1992. The file extensions represent compressed image files that do not significantly lose image quality. In the past, image files were large and unwieldy, but JPEGs allowed file sizes to shrink without suffering dramatic repercussions. The JP2 standard, created by the same JPEG group in 2000, allows for compressed images without a single bit of quality lost and to be quickly transferred thanks to the contemporary world of digital photography.

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