How to Email a PowerPoint Slideshow

by Joshua Thomas

Because of the myriad features Microsoft PowerPoint offers, students and professionals alike value this program in the Microsoft Office line as a valuable tool in their arsenal. One such feature PowerPoint offers is the capability to email created slide shows directly to another person for review or ease of access. Not all email clients support sending these files, but as long as you have Office Outlook set up with your information, you can email slide show files directly from PowerPoint.


Open Microsoft Office PowerPoint.


Click the "Office" button and select "Open" to bring up the desired slide show.


Click the "Office" button again, hover the pointer over "Send" and from the drop-down menu click "E-mail."


Fill out the "To" box with the recipient's email address.


Write a message in the body of the message, if desired.


Click "Send" to send the slide show.


  • check Make sure you save files before sending, in case something goes wrong, to avoid losing your work.


  • close The recipient of the email must have Microsoft Office PowerPoint in order to be able to view or modify the slide show.

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