How to Email Pictures From Kodak Easy Share

by Kefa Olang

Sharing digital pictures is exciting for everyone, both young and old. Whether it's family events, adventure, or birthdays, sending pictures over the Internet or uploading them to social websites makes for a creative venture. Kodak EasyShare Software makes organizing and sharing pictures with family and friends a simple process that anyone can do.
Use this simple step by step guideline to upload, organize and email your personal memories to the people you want.


Download Kodak EasyShare Software from the download link in the resource center. Follow the setup and installation instructions.

Double-click the "Kodak EasyShare" icon on your desktop once your program has been installed on your computer.

Click "Add Pics" at the top of your program. Locate the files that your want to email, then click "Create an Album" to organize them. Click "Add Pics" then click "Done" to add them to your program.

Double-click your newly created album on the left side of your screen, then drag all the pictures to the picture tray on the far right of your program.

Click "Email" on the left panel. Place the email address of the person you want to email your photos to. Include your subject, then type in your message.

Click the "Send Invitation" button to email your pictures to your recipient. An email confirmation will be sent to you at the email address you used when installing your program.

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