How to Download Free Word Processing

by Alan Bradford

Most major computer manufacturers ship a purchased computer with a word-processing program already installed. But some custom-built or no-frill computers may come without productivity software such as a word processor. Alternatively, you may have corrupt or uninstalled software and no way to restore it, or perhaps you simply want to experiment with a different word-processing program. All of these situations can be addressed by downloading and installing one of several free word-processing programs.

Determine which free word-processing program you want to try. You can search for the phrase "free word processor" in an Internet search engine to find several options. See the Resources section for a list of options.

Visit the website of the free word-processing program and click the link to the Download section.

Determine which version of the word-processing program you need to download. Some program websites require you to provide information such as your operating system, your language and the version you want to download. You should download the latest released version of software that runs on your operating system in your native language.

Click the appropriate link to download the software. A window appears asking you to open or save the file.

Click the "Save" button.

Select a destination on your hard drive to save the file, then click the "Save" button again, if necessary. Some computers are configured to download all files to the same location. Usually you are downloading a program that will install the word-processing software.

Open the folder where you downloaded the file.

Double-click the file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the software. The installation process may take several minutes.

Double-click the program icon to launch the program after it installs.


  • check If you want to write documents that can be used in a variety of word-processing documents, save it as an RTF file. This file format preserves some of the formatting and styles.
  • check You can also use an online word-processing program, such as Google Docs or Zoho Writer.

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