How to Download Chinese Songs

by Randall Shatto

In the Chinese culture, music is a method of relaxation. Distinct Chinese instruments are featured in some of the downloadable songs, such as the bone trumpet and dahu. You can download Chinese songs for entertainment, relaxation or to learn the Chinese language. Several websites are available to download free Chinese music. All the downloadable songs are playable on the Windows Media Player. Chinese Music and The Internet Chinese Music Archive have hundreds of songs to download.

Chinese Music

Press the "Listen & Download" link in the menu bar. Search through the list of Chinese songs. The Chinese Music website presents 15 pages of songs to download. Go to the bottom and press "2" to view the next page.

Select the song title link. The title of the song and the artist is in English and Chinese.

Right click on the "Free MP3 Song Download" link. Select "Save As" or "Save Link As." Depending on your browser, choose a download folder. Some browsers have a default download destination. If you are choosing a folder, click "Open" after highlighting the destination. The download will begin right away.

Open the directory of your download. Double-click on the Chinese song to listen to it.

The Internet Chinese Music Archive

Select the Chinese song category such as "Popular Music." On the right is the list in English, and on the left in Chinese. Scroll down to view each song. Again, the title is in English as well as Chinese.

Right click on the song title, such as "In the Remote Area." Press the "Save Link As" or "Save As" option. Choose a download directory unless your browser directly downloads to a folder. Press "Open" when choosing a directory.

Play the Chinese song from your download directory. Double-click on the song title or icon to begin playing it.


  • check To hear the song on the Chinese Music website, click on the "Free MP3 music listening online" link. To hear the Chinese song directly from The Internet Chinese Music Archive before download, press the icon directly in front of the song title, or click on the title link.

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