How do I Make a Motion Detector Using a Cell Phone?

by LaoA

Motion Detectors sense movement and alert you to the presence of unauthorized individuals on your property. If you want to protect your home or business from burglary, you can install a motion detection device to help alleviate this threat. You also have the capability to use your cell phone to make a motion detector via its camera settings.

Locate a Web camera application that enables you to attach your cell phone to your laptop or desktop such as Mobiola, IP Webcam or WWIGO. (See Resources.) You can use either a USB cable or Bluetooth device to connect your phone to your computer.

Download and install the application on your machine. Then, turn off both your computer and cell phone and turn them on once more. Adhere to the directions on your computer screen to set up the camera on your cell phone to act as a motion detector.

Register online for a free software provider that offers motion detection services such as Yoics, Yawcam or Go to Camera. (See Resources.) This lets you share video online at no-cost. Follow the on-screen prompts of the software to set up the program on your machine after you download and install it on your computer. Note that you have to input your email address and cell phone number to receive text messages from the program.

Put the camera of your cell phone in the location where you want to sense motion. When your cell phone senses movement in this location, you receive a text message of the activity. Then, it sends video which you can view online to the Internet-based motion detection service you chose.

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