How do I Add a Calculation Field in Adobe Acrobat?

by Heather Hanlon

Calculated fields in Adobe Acrobat forms enable users who are interacting with the form to enter values into form fields that are then calculated by the form in a separate field. Using the Calculate tab in a form, you can create simple calculations that add or multiply or highly complex calculations that integrate JavaScript into the form.

Create or import the basic form structure in Adobe Acrobat.

Double-click the field in which to add a calculation. The "Text Field Properties" dialog box appears.

Click the "Calculate" tab. This converts the field from a standard text field into a calculation field.

Enable "Value is the (option) of the following fields" if this field is to be a product of other fields. Options are a selection between sum, product, average, minimum and maximum.

Enable "Simplified Field Notation" if this field is to be a complex calculation using standard math symbols and grouping.

Enter the notation, using field names as operands. For example, (Field_1 + Field_2)/Field_3.

Enable "Custom Calculation Script" to create a complex calculation script in Javascript.

Enter the desired calculation script. For more information on using Javascript to build complex calculations, see Resources.

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