How do I Remove AT&T Subscriptions from a Cell Bill?

by Terrance Wethington

Subscriptions of services billed by AT&T are known as directbill charges. These charges can occur by enrolling into memberships from the cell phone or even from the Internet from any desktop computer. Directbill charges can appear without the user knowing they subscribed to a service as the terms and conditions are often overlooked. These charges can be found in the detail section of the mobile number enrolled in the service on the bill. Customers have the right to dispute charges within 90 days of being billed.

Removing Directbill Charges


Visit to log in to AT&T's Directbill web page. If you don't have a user name, you will be prompted to create one.


Select "Review My Account" and review your current subscriptions on the summary page. Subscription charges normally post within five minutes of enrollment.


Click on the link of the subscription title associated with the disputed charge. This screen has the details of the charge. Review to see if you recognize the product or service.


Select the link called "Challenge This Charge." Complete the information requested, including a summary as to why you believe the charge is invalid.


Wait until the end of the next business day. Your dispute will have a status update on the summary page next to the charge in question. If your refund is approved, your credit will show on your next bill.

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