How to Dispose of Cell Phones

by Contributor

Cell phones have been classified as hazardous material because of electromagnetic radiation and electronic composition. Cell phones contain substances such as antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc which belong to a class of chemicals known as persistent toxins. These toxins remain in the environment for long periods. Make sure you dispose of cell phones in the proper way to maintain clean environment.

Go online and find centers where you can drop, donate or dispose the cell phones.

Locate your local cell phone drop center. Every state has a center where you can drop your unused or discarded cell phone. The disposed cell phone is then sent to the appropriate department for safe disposal.

Call your service provider and learn more on how to dispose off your old cell phone. Some service providers have programs on safe disposal of cell phones. You may also end up saving a few bucks on your new cell phone.

Visit the recycling website Click on 'Wireless Waste' link and learn more about the ill-effects of wireless and telecommunication devices on the environment. Learn more on how you can send your cell phone for recycling.

Mail in your cell phone by simply dropping it into the mail box. Avail services of organizations which offer free postage on your cell phone disposal. Visit ( and learn more on how you can print a free label and postage to accompany your mail box drop.


  • check Make sure that wireless devices such as cell phones remain away from landfill sites.
  • check Visit , an initiative by the cellular industry to address wireless device disposal in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.