How to Design Your Own Banner & Avatar for Etsy

by Vail Joy

Etsy is a marketplace full of unique vintage or handmade crafts and art. If you choose to use the Etsy storefront to market and sell your products, a profile picture and banner that represents your product and style can add credibility and allure to your business. You can use any method to create the images, from online services to graphic design software, as long as the final result fits the size limitations set by Etsy. If you don't have a graphic editor, you can use SumoPaint online for free.


Open your image editing software and create a new image that is 760 pixels wide and 100 pixels high. This will be your shop banner. Fill the background with anything you wish, but make sure it is not too busy or the text will be hard to read. If you are not comfortable working freestyle in a graphics program, use an online creator such as MyBannerMaker, Live Banner Maker or the Online Banner Generator. Note that you may need to crop your image to Etsy's requirements later.


Place your shop name in a large font size where desired. Choose a font that is readable, while still being decorative enough not to look boring. Add a slogan or secondary text in a complimentary but non-decorative, smaller font below or to the side of the shop title to add structure to your banner.


Create a second image that is 75 pixels wide by 75 pixels high or use one of hundreds of online avatar creators to create your profile image. If you choose to make your own, duplicate the look of your banner image to create a branded feel. If your shop name is too long to comfortably fit within 75 pixels, use initials, your signature or a symbol to represent you as a logo instead.


Save your images as JPG files. If you created an image that is larger than the required 760 by 100 pixels, you will need to crop the image using a graphic editing program like Microsoft Paint or an online image cropper such as DrPic, Kroppr or CutMyPic.


Access your Etsy account page and click on "Public Profile." Click on "Browse" next to the profile picture field, and locate your smaller image. You also have the option of connecting to Facebook, which will link your Facebook avatar to your profile instead. Click on "Save Changes" when the image has finished uploading.


Click on "Shop Settings" in the left menu and select "Info and Appearance." Note that you must have already set up a Seller profile to have this option available to you. Click on "Browse" under the banner heading, navigate to your larger image and click "Open." Click "Save Changes" when the upload is complete and the preview appears.


  • check Choose colors that represent your product and style.
  • check Deviate from the standard rectangular banner by using colored shapes within the dimensions of your graphic, leaving the edges white.
  • check Create a banner using your art or craft medium and take a photograph of it that you can resize or crop to the needed dimensions. Examples include a shop name embroidered into cloth for a clothes designer, worked into the environment for a photographer or painted in watercolor for an artist.
  • check Limit your font selection to two and make sure they compliment or match each other in form and style. Comparing the "o" and capital "M" are good ways to judge.


  • close Make sure you own the copyright or have a license to any graphics or elements used in your design.
  • close Avoid bright colored text, such as neon green, yellow or turquoise, on a white background. These colors, when combined with white, can be hard to read and harsh to the eye.


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