How to Design an Invoice With Microsoft Publisher

by Contributor

Invoices, or time billing sheets, are forms that nearly every business needs. Following these steps allows you to customize these documents and publish them from your own desktop with Microsoft Publisher 2003.

Open Microsoft Publisher and click on "File," and then "New."

Look to the left for the window entitled "New Publication" and find the sub-window entitled "New From a Design." Click on "Publications for Print" to open a drop-down menu.

Scroll down and select "Business Forms" to open a new drop-down menu, and then select either "Invoice" or "Time Billing." On the right, you will see basic design previews for the form you selected. Choose a design.

Customize the publication. Remove the default titles, such as "Business Name," and insert your text, graphics or photos.

Repeatedly "print preview" the publication to see how it will appear on paper. Publisher has many gridlines and other publishing tools that do not appear in the final printed version.

After customizing your form, save your work. Choose a name for your file and click on the "Save" button. You now can print your professional invoice or time billing sheet.


  • check You can resize your text boxes to fit your information or delete to create more room.
  • check You can find additional designs on the Microsoft Office Online website. Click the "Templates" tab.