How to Find Deleted Calls on Your iPhone

by Quinn Marshall

The Apple iPhone stores data in a similar manner as a computer. When the user deletes information on the phone, it is marked accordingly, and when new data is saved to the phone, the deleted information is overwritten. You can recover deleted information before it is overwritten using recovery software. Recovered call logs can be saved to a computer for later use, entered into evidence by forensic investigators or used by a parent when quizzing a child about unauthorized calls.

Obtain iPhone recovery software, such as iRecovery Stick or iPhone Spy Stick. These applications are sold on an external flash drive that you plug in to a computer.

Plug the USB flash drive containing the recovery software into an open USB port on the computer. The software on the flash drive should auto-launch; if it doesn't, click "Start" and then "Computer." Right-click on the flash drive and select "Open." Double-click on the file ending with ".exe."

Connect the iPhone to your computer via the USB cable. Turn the iPhone on.

Click "Start" in the iRecovery Stick software or "Start Recovery" in the iPhone Spy Stick application. The attached iPhone will be scanned and any recoverable data, including deleted calls and photos as well as video and text messages, will be saved to the flash drive.


  • close Only recently deleted calls can be recovered because the iPhone quickly overwrites deleted information during normal phone use.

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