How to Create Posters in Powerpoint

by M. Alanna White

Microsoft PowerPoint is a versatile program that can be used to make posters as well as slide shows.

Creating a poster in PowerPoint is not a difficult task, but it helps to have a general idea of what you would like to feature in the poster before you begin. You need to plan what text you will use, including font size, color and style. Make sure you have whatever graphic elements, including photos, graphs and charts, ready before you begin to create a poster.


Open Microsoft Office PowerPoint.


Select "Blank Presentation."


Choose "Blank AutoLayout" in the New Slide window.


Select "Page Setup" in the File Menu. Choose "Custom" from the "Slides sized for" list. Set the width, height and orientation: landscape or portrait. Select "OK."


In Slide View, start adding your text. Select the font style, color and size. Type in the words you want to use.


Insert art and graphics by selecting "Insert file" and then positioning it on the poster. Select "OK" when finished.


Ensure all text, graphics, artwork and photos are in their proper location. Then select "Save As" and name this file. When you are ready, select "Print."

About the Author

M. Alanna White holds an Associate of Science degree in information technology from South University Savannah, graduated from The Institute of Children's Literature and Long Ridge Writer's Group. White's published work includes "Mystery," published in The World of Poetry's "Selected World of Our World's Best Poets." "The Obvious," published in The National Library of Poetry's "On the Threshold of a Dream, Vol. III."